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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CTU Releases Statement On Climate Change

CTU Releases Statement On Climate Change

The Council of Trade Unions today released its statement on climate change.

“The CTU submission states clearly that unions accept the overwhelming evidence that greenhouse gas emissions are having a harmful effect on the environment and on workers and their families,” CTU president Ross Wilson said.

“Unions accept that there may be a case for emissions trading but we put more emphasis on a regulatory approach alongside direct action to reduce emissions.”

The CTU statement highlights some particular labour market issues that must be considered in any climate change policy. The statement recommends the Labour Department monitor the impact of climate change policies on employment and calls for a 'just transition' for any workers affected. Unions also say that workers and unions must be included in any negotiations on emission reduction agreements, Ross Wilson said.

The statement also says that investment must be made to develop the skills for sustainability such as those needed, for example, to retrofit buildings and implement renewable energy programmes.

“Unions are a valuable partner in any emissions reduction and energy conservation programme, and we suggest a new project to educate and involve union delegates so they can have a direct role. The 350,000 members of unions affiliated to the CTU can be in the vanguard of any programme to address climate change,” Ross Wilson said.

The CTU statement is available here:



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