System Change Not CLimate Change: OUR TWO DEMANDS- (a)Beyond Kyoto- 90% reduction in greenhouse gas (b)Frequent and fare free public transport now. PLEASE HELP US AND DONATE TO CLIMACTION- KIWIBANK a/c number 389005 094861900. Contact us at 021 186 1450

Saturday, November 18, 2006

System Change Not Climate Change Conference 2006

Climaction Conference
Saturday November 25th 2006 1-6pm
Latin American Cultural Centre
37 Selwyn Street, Onehunga, Auckland

We will have two plenary sessions introduced by panels of about four speakers each, reflecting the debate around our two major demands- free and frequent public transport in Auckland, and Beyond Kyoto- Sysytem Change Not CLimate Change. Speakers will be from political, environmental, trade union and community groups active in the fight against climate change.

Between these two plenaries we will break for four streamed workshops to encourage dialogue and discussion from the grassroots. These four workshops will report back to the conference after about an hour of discussion and debate.

The last plenary will then be on Beyond Kyoto- Syytem Change not CLimate Change, where we can look to formulating a national and international policy and strategy. We will also plan future Climactions at this conference, with a possible Carnival reclaiming the (Quay) streets outside the wharfs where they plan to place the unpopular used condom Stadium!

The main purpose of this conference is to build Climactions audience and membership base, to prepare for upcoming actions and to educate and network union, political and community groups around the necessity of taking action.' Spread the word. Get your union, group, college or workplace to send a delegate. Bring three friends. Copy and paste this, and forward it onto all your contacts and lists!
1st Plenary Session- Free and Frequent Public Transport in Auckland
Panel discussion with four invited speakers, then open for debate.

Workshops streamed into 4 Dialogues-
(a) Methane and Meat Agriculture- liberating the land.
(b) Capitalism and Climate Change.
(c ) Monbiot’s Manifesto- a ten 10 point plan
(d) Reclaiming our Streets and our World- Mass Direct Action inspired by Martin Luther King
2nd Plenary Session- Beyond Kyoto: System Change not Climate Change
Panel discussion with four invited speakers then open for debate.

Double Bill Film Screening:
The End of Suburbia
The Greening of Cuba

Latin American music and party afterwards


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