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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Protest the CLimate Change and Business Conference

Monday 18 August - 4pm
- Outside the Skycity Convention Centre 88 Federal Street Auckland

Protest the Lack of real action on climate change and demand real and adequate change.

This Monday the Climate and Business conference will be held at the Skytower Convention Centre

schedule: The event goes from Monday morning (18th) till Wednesday (20th) 5.30pm evening. - Programme available here:
http://www.climateandbusiness. com/program. html

The official start is at 4pm on Monday 18th at 4pm.

Meet outside the entrance to the Convention Centre and give a clear message that immediate action is wanted, and half way measures are not going to cut it.

Greenwash and marketing

New Zealand is known for its clean and green image, but the reality reveals something else. Emissions trading schemes are the new corporate 'solution' to rising emissions and unsustainable growth dependent on fossil fuels. Simply re-branding industries like the coal and oil industries and allowing 'offset options' for airfares does not change the reality of a warming world and changing climate.

Demand change, and call for real action and polluter pays, not public subsides and corporate wellfare for the largest polluters, like Fonterra, Comalco and NZ Steel.

Take part in the welcoming committee for the government ministers and corporate lobbyists and CEOs who are debating out future, supposedly on our behalf, and make your voice heard.

There will be other events held too.

Read more about the climate and buisness conference:
http://www.climateandbusiness. com/

Read about carbon trading and the limits of offsets: org/



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